EFW 1.5 K

Electric platform truck

The VOLK Electric Platform Truck EFW 1.5 K was designed especially for use in narrow spaces. With a turning radius of only 1.750 mm at the outer wheel, it can easily turn even on train platforms. Precision maneuvering is made easy thanks to a sensitive AC drive and a hydraulic power steering. A payload of 3.300 lbs and numerous accessory options provide a wide spectrum of uses. Its appealing and functional design adds a finishing touch to its appearance.

PayloadPayload on loading area

3.300 lbs

Towing capacity Maximum towing capacity

11.000 lbs

Drawbar pull

Maximum drawbar pull (5 min rating)

1.050 lbf
Driving speed

without payload

13 mph


Electric motor

Performance (60 min rating)

4.0 kW (ac)


Standard capacity

48 V / 240 Ah

Maxium capacity48 V / 560 Ah


2.675 mm

3.275 mm


1.000 mm


1.995 mm

platform length

1.400 mm2.000 mm

platform width

1.000 mm

Turning radius (outside chassis)

2.430 mm2.900 mm


4.100 lbs4.400 lbs

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. The permissible speed can be lower depending on the specification of the trailers and the applicable local laws and regulations.

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