EFZ 60 N

Electric tow tractor

The VOLK Electric Tow Tractor EFZ 60 N is a real powerhouse and was especially developed for heavy towing loads and industrial use on ramps. With its extra strong electric motor (470 Nm maximum torque) and a gear box designed for heavy-duty use, it always has sufficient power reserves, even under extreme operating conditions. The heavy vehicle weight and the powerful brake system ensure maximum traction and safety. With a battery capacity of up to 80 V/930 Ah, it is perfectly equipped for long working days. In case of multi-shift operation, a quick and easy battery change from the side enables a virtually interruption-free continuous use. Its appealing and functional design adds a finishing touch to its appearance

Towing capacity Maximum towing capacity

132.000 lbs

Drawbar pull

Maximum drawbar pull (5 min rating)

7.600 lbf
Driving speed

without towed load

13.0 mph

with 132.000 lbs towed load

3.0 mph


Electric motor

Performance (60 min rating)

20 kW (ac)


Standard capacity

80 V / 700 Ah

Maximum battery capacity80 V / 1.085 Ah


3.540 mm


1.500 mm


2.100 mm

Turning radius (outside chassis)

4.130 mm


14.800 lbs

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. The permissible speed can be lower depending on the specification of the trailers and the applicable local laws and regulations.

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