EFZ 30 NT Long Range

Electric baggage tractor

The VOLK EFZ 30 NT Long Range is an electric baggage tractor, which has been designed specifically for long-range applications. With an enormous battery capacity of 80 V/1.240 Ah, its driving range is virtually unlimited, enabling its reliable application where previously diesel-electric hybrid drives were required. Using a high-performance charger, the battery can be recharged in less than 7 hours. – An important step towards the reduction of CO2 emissions on the apron.

Towing capacity Maximum towing capacity

66.000 lbs

Typical airport load38.000 lbs
Drawbar pull

Maximum drawbar pull (5 min rating)

4.700 lbf
Driving speed

without towed load

21.0 mph

with 66.000 lbs towed load

19.0 mph


Electric motor

Peak performance (5 min rating)

56 kW (ac)

Continuous perfomance30 kW (ac)

Maximum battery capacity

80 V / 1.240 Ah



3.630 mm


1.400 mm


2.100 mm

Turning radius (outside chassis)

3.970 mm


13.000 lbs
All statements without guarantee. The permissible speed can be lower depending on the specification of the trailers and the applicable local laws and regulations.

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