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EFZ 20 K

Electric tow tractor

Used vehicle

The VOLK EFZ 20 K Electric Tow Tractor was designed especially for use in narrow spaces. With its extremely compact dimensions, it clearly stands out from the competition in the performance class of up to 20.000 kg towing load. A powerful twin-motor AC drive with an electronic differential lock and a large vehicle weight guarantee a maximum degree of safety and traction even under adverse track conditions or when operating on ramps. A high battery capacity of up to 48 V/750 Ah gives it a wide range. In multi-shift operations, the battery can also be quickly and easily changed from the side. For use outside, there is of course the option of a fully-equipped driver’s cab.

Vehicle data
Vehicle no.


Year of construction


Operating hours

5.300 h

general overhaul


Towing capacity

Maximum towing capacity

44.000 lbs

Drawbar pull

Peak performance (5 min rating)

2.148 lbf

Driving speed

without towed load

11,2 mph

with 44000 lbs towed load

4,3 mph

Electric motor

Performance (60 min rating)

2 x5 kW (ac)



48 V / 690 Ah



2.142 mm


1.070 mm


1.350 mm

Turning radius (outsided chassis)

2.710 mm


4.840 lbs
No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. The permissible speed can be lower depending on the specification of the trailers and the applicable local laws and regulations.

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