EFZ 25 N

Electric tow tractor

In the performance class up to 25 tons, the VOLK Electric Tow Tractor EFZ 25 N is the best choice. Thanks to a large number of configuration variants and optional features, this tow tractor can be precisely tailored to the individual application and thus guarantees maximum productivity. It doesn’t matter whether you need a compressed air supply system, require a public road approval or have to meet other unusual requirements – with the EFZ 25 N we can realize this. Uncomplicated and at a fair price. Depending on the range requirement, a battery capacity of up to 80 V/930 Ah can be fitted. The battery can be changed either conventionally upwards or to the side, which offers great advantages, especially in multi-shift operations. The high-torque AC drive, the robust, almost indestructible gear box and the particularly sturdy front axle construction with full-size tires are particularly valued by customers with tough operating conditions.
Towing capacity Maximum towing capacity

55.000 lbs

Drawbar pull

Maximum drawbar pull (5 min rating)

4.300 lbf
Driving speed

without towed load

19.0 mph

with 55.000 lbs towed load

9.0 mph


Electric motor

Performance (60 min rating)

20 kW (ac)


Standard capacity

80 V / 560 Ah

Maximum battery capacity80 V / 930 Ah


3.210 mm


1.250 mm


2.130 mm

Turning radius (outside chassis)

3.470 mm


8.650 lbs

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. The permissible speed can be lower depending on the specification of the trailers and the applicable local laws and regulations.

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